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153 days ago

For example, if you upload 300 videos/images you will earn:

300 images/video x 10 visits per day are: 3000 views!

3000 Views for $5 = $15 per day!

Which are $450 per month!!!

How It Works
  1. Register here
  1. Go to Upload and select the video or picture which you need to upload.
  1. Fill the title and description.
  1. Share your video or picture you upload with the most people possible. Every time your image will be displayed you will earn!!We suggest to share your videos or images through social media such as : Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Torrent sites.More views More earnings!
Our rates are among the highest: each REAL view is paid according to what is stated in the table above. Upon reaching the minimum threshold of $10 you can request payment. Payment will be done through Paypal. Please screenshot and send your video view and picture view to our email :